As Treasurer
I want to be a People Advocate and to make sure all facts are out.
I call it full disclosure – all facts are on the table.


McAllister Platform

Office Goals – 1

Implement E Checks. This has NOT been offered. Withdraws out of checking account – can be performed thru Official Payments. Fee is under a fee minimal and won’t cost the county – as it is a 3rd party service (Thru Official Payments) those choosing to utilize will pay the fee.

Office Goals – 2

Make Debit/Credit payments available in the office thru existing source. Official Payments is a third party service most treasurers use – again taxpayers choosing to utilize this will pay the convenience fee.

Office Goals – 3

County tax computer system is becoming antiquated. I can be a facilitator of change – This decision is made by Assessor, Auditor, Recorder, County Council, AND the Treasurer.
Decision has not been made because of COST.
County has been working toward this for years, but the Treasurer is not the only decision maker – 5 elected officials (treasurer, auditor, recorder, assessor, executive) all must come to an agreement.
The Treasurer must be a mediator someone that can bring people together. I know how to resolve concerns. I will work toward resolution.

Opposition Platform

1) Check Readers – My research with other counties  shows for many counties this is time consuming, causing longer lines at counter, requiring more staff which means more $$$

2) Initially her platform was only to accept debit cards. (at convention she made the statement who has a check on them) she has changed and now includes debit and credit cards.  The distinction between the two is…Mine has always been to accept both but the consumer that chooses to utilize these services pay the fee.  AND MOST IMPORTANLY UTILIZE “OFFICAL PAYMENTS” A THIRD PARTY SOURCE ALREADY AVAILABLE AND ON THE COUNTY WEBSITE.  In house verses third party.

3) Again different – The opposition platform implies that the treasurer’s office is the sole decision and she would accomplish this.   Her platform is an additional level of service.  That comes with a cost.  We need to fix the bigger problem first and address the additional services when there is sufficient need and or required.  As for now you know my stance… the consumer that chooses to utilize these services pay the fee.  Currently there is a link on the county website to Landlight.  I have used it, it is not perfect.  We need to fix the bigger problem of transparency between the offices before we can settle this issue.