Please check out my qualifications:

  •  28 years in finance, customer service, and supervision of personnel.
      • Accounting experience with local companies and clients.
      • 12 years as finance manager in a small business.
      • 15 years as business manager responsible for payroll, collections, sales, training, and software systems.
      • Small business owner.
  • Competent in balancing budgets with a proven history of accurate, timely reporting.
  • USU graduate in business with a finance degree.
  • Approachable with experience in conflict resolution.
  • Trustworthy in handling sensitive, confidential matters. Trusted for honesty and fairness.
  • Strong work ethic. Loyal employee.
  • Lifelong resident of Cache County who shares Republican ideals, and values our family oriented way of life.


Love to hear from You

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